August 31, 2016

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Predicting the Trump-Pena Nieto Communique

Donald Trump will land in Mexico City. He’s there for a summit meeting with Mexico’s President Pena Nieto.

Before Trump even woke up this morning, the Washington Post declared the future meeting a complete disaster that Trump will never recover from. The Post predicted a complete visual and verbal disaster even though there’s no historical evidence on which to base such a prediction.

The WaPo is probably projecting its wishes, not its beliefs. By doing so–by predicting Trump’s visit will be a complete and total disaster–WaPo has set the bar for success ridiculously low.

Trump probably predicted the press’s predictions. He knew Hillary and the press would try to convince the trip was a disaster even before the trip happened. They will then ignore the actual event, leaving stupid people with the impression that Trump failed.

Luckily, stupid people are less likely to vote. The people who vote will pay attention to both the WaPo prediction of utter disaster and to the actual summit meeting.

When Trump and Pena Nieto part later today, they will release a statement that goes something like this:

We thank each other for a fine, cordial visit.

We really like each other as people.

We were amazed at the number of common goals we share as leaders and for our nations.

We identified numerous problems that we can address together–problems that plague both nations and our relationship with each other. These problems have festered too long, and we vowed to work together to solve them. These include problems with border security, immigration, and crime.

We also identified numerous opportunities that, with better cooperation and fair deals, we can exploit together for the mutual benefit the American nations.

While we do not agree completely on every problem and solution, the common ground for cooperation provides a place to start building a stronger union between the United States and Mexico.

God save the queen (or something)

Or it could go completely different. We shall see. But chances are the Trump-Pena Nieto summit will end a lot like the Trump-Ryan summit.

Chances are, the meeting will be something better than a complete disaster, which will be a complete victory for Trump. Thanks largely to the high expectations for disaster created by Washington Post and Hillary Clinton.

UPDATE: I give my prediction an A. What do you think?