Invalidating Feelings

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Every modern man knows that invalidating a woman’s feelings lies on the offensiveness scale somewhere between unwelcomed groping and fat jokes. Whether or not it’s fair to suffer a woman’s wrath because she misunderstood a word is another matter.

Last week, Barack Obama smugly told a group of billionaire liberals in San Francisco that rural Americans are bitter, ignorant Neanderthals who prefer guns and superstitions (aka, religion) and race-hatred to reason, education, and hard work. He thought his comments were off the record. He was wrong on all counts.

This week, Barack and his posse are defending himself by invalidating the feelings of the people he offended. In the process, he’s compounding the problem by telling us that we’re too damn stupid to understand what he meant. ( By “us,” I mean gun owners who go to church and ask forgiveness for our rampant sinfulness.)

Like the strategy of blaming Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s bigotry on the racism of whites, this attempt to shift the blame is failing miserably. Miserably.

According to Ed Morrissey [on], Obama’s hard work in Pennsylvania was more than undone by his snobbish remarks. Ed understands, as I do, the crux of the problem.

No matter how Obama tries to spin it, his statement assumes Midwestern voters are idiots.

What’s worse, Obama can’t see it. Like a child who blames the teacher for his failure to turn in assignment, Obama wants the voters he disdains and ridicules to forgive him solely because he’s smarter than the rest of us.

Barack handled the Rev. Wright affair atrociously. He’s handled the Rezko affair poorly. Like Bill Clinton, all of Obama’s weaknesses, failures, and poor decisions were and are someone else’s fault. He has no sense of responsibility. He is a child.

In the 1990s, with a Republican Congress, America could afford a child-president. In the age of War on Terror, we cannot. The hicks in the Midwest understand these subtleties of history precisely, even if they don’t choose to articulate them in the pompous terms Obama and his ilk prefer.

Obama’s day in the sun is fading.

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