October 19, 2020

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Winner Take All Election

Winner Take All Election

You might be wondering why Democrats are so brazen. Why would they knowingly impeach Trump on senseless and unimpeachable charges? Why would they wiretap and entrap the incoming Trump administration? Why would they commit so many felonies? Why would they nominate a corrupt and senile old influence peddler for president?

It’s simple: 2020 is a winner-take-all election for the Democrats. If Democrats win, they will never lose again, at least, not in the lifetime of anyone alive today.

Democrats gave up on America long ago. They don’t believe in the American Ideal. They don’t believe in liberty, self-governance, free markets, personal responsibility, free expression, religion, self-sufficiency, none of it. Democrats reject Western Civilization in its entirety.

What Democrats believe in is absolute rule by “experts.” Experts who proveably get everything wrong 100 percent of the time, but experts who can’t be held accountable for their wrongness.

And Democrats have given up waiting. 2020 is the year they hope to finally end the American Dream and replace it with a communist utopia.

They know that if they win the White House and Congress, there will never be a meaningful election again. They will pack the courts with their own judges who will rule the Constitution itself, is unconstitutional. They will abolish ALL of the Bill of Rights.

Democrats will mandate compliance. They will institute social reputation scoring for every human being. If your score is below the Mandoza Line, you will be ineligible for employment, housing, or healthcare until you complete a government-mandated re-education program.

Of course, this social reputation scoring system will prevent you or anyone from expressing conservative or Christian beliefs.

And, in one election cycle, America is gone. You are one of them, or you die of exposure, starvation, or violence.

That’s the Democrat plan. And if they win, they will implent that plan faster than you can say “October Revolution.”

Get out and vote. But, first, pray your heart out. Not necessarily for the election outcome you want, but for the graces to handle whatever outcome God wills.

Slave or free, we will each be judged by Christ Jesus. Pray for the graces to win that election. Then work your butt off for Donald Trump and the Children of Light.