Who Was Behind the Lockdowns

Who Was Behind the Lockdowns

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My dad spent the last four weeks of his life in a lonesome hospital bed, completely isolated from his family. He was release just seven hours before he died on a hospital bed in his living room. I was there, thank God, playing his beloved Glenn Miller at maximum volume when he breathed his last.

My dad and my family were among the lucky few. Jack died in his own home with dignity in the presence of his only son after receiving the Last Rites of Extreme Unction of the the Church and listening to his favorite band.

In the year of COVID lockdowns, thousands have died alone in antiseptic and strange beds, isolated from friends and family. Like my dad, they died of conditions that had nothing to do with the Wuhan Virus. But they were punished nonetheless.

My dad, Jack, was a veteran of World War II and Korea. He was 10-year veteran of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. At 95, he was hard of hearing. He could not hear his children on the phone while he was in the hospital. The nurses and doctors would not help him put in his hearing aids. He died from an acute urinary tract infection likely triggered by a tumor in his bladder. He was tested for COVID at least twice, both negative.

COVID didn’t kill my dad, but the lockdown sure sped the process along.

In normal times, my sisters, who kept a close eye on Dad’s condition and health, would have had him at the doctor at the first sign of trouble. But we all tried to minimize our contact with him. We didn’t want to deliver the death blow to 95-year-old man who had already buried two grandchildren, his wife over 60 years, and, just last March, his oldest daughter. So limited our contact. We believed it would only be for a few weeks. Then months. We believed foolishly.

Now, some courageous and outraged Missouri women are demanding answers. They want the world to know about the suffering inflicted by draconian COVID measures that shoved heroic elders like my Dad into stark, lonely hospitals to agonize through their final days.

On Tuesday, May 4 at Noon, they will hold a massive public hearing in the rotunda of Missouri’s State Capitol. Please attend.

The purpose of the hearings is to expose the grief, suffering, and needless death produced by unconstitutional and destructive COVID lockdown rules.

Dr. Karladeane Graves of Kansas City and a member of America’s Frontline Doctors will provide expert testimony on the damage caused by these lockdowns, mask mandates, and media-driven fear.

A half-dozen Missouri residents who were damaged by these lockdown will also testify. One of the organizers of the event, Carla Grewe, has interviewed dozens of Missourians who lost a relative to non-COVID diseases after weeks or months of total isolation from their families. Speaking of a pair of sisters who lost their father, she said, “I have never told their story without tearing up. Most of the time, I can’t even get to the end.”

Grewe says she knows many Missouri legislators and believes they have done what they were told was best for everyone. “But it’s obvious that they were being influenced by outsiders who claimed to have all the answers,” Grewe said. “We want to know—these victims deserve to know—who they were, who they work for, and why the official guidance changed so many times and continues to change.”

Mark you calendars and take a trip to Jefferson City on May 4. The hearing will be held in the rotunda of the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City on Tuesday, May 4 from noon to 1:00 p.m. Everyone who was affected by COVID-19 restrictions is encouraged to attend and participate. #

Featured Image: Mom and Dad, 1953