November 27, 2020

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Who Gets the Mona Lisa?

Who Gets the Mona Lisa?

If someone steals the Mona Lisa and gets caught, would it make sense to charge the thief a fine and let him keep the painting?

Likewise, if a candidate “wins” an election by fraud, should we fine him and let him keep his office?

No. Under absolutely no circumstances.

Justice requires that the rightful owner be made whole and the perpetrator be denied the fruits of his crime. Indemnity comes before punishment.

After this week’s unchallenged and undisputed proof that millions of illegal votes were cast and counted in a handful of counties strategically vital to the outcome of the election, our first concern is to deny the culprit the fruits of his crime and to return to the victim what was unlawfully taken from him.

This requires that Biden’s ill-gotten votes be destroyed and expunged from the counts, which likely means a big Trump win.

If criminals are allowed to enjoy the fruits of their crimes, no alternative “punishment” will ever dissuade them in the future.

If Biden is sworn in, the republic is lost and participating in a future election could be a sin.