April 27, 2020

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The WHO Is a Misinformation Juggernaut

The WHO Is a Misinformation Juggernaut

In the past 48 hours, the World Health Organization has spread misinformation about the Coronavirus intended to keep economies closed for good.

On Saturday, the WHO, through its propaganda tools like the New York Times, Twitter, Facebook, and CNN, released a statement that Coronavirus antibodies offered no protection against catching the disease a second time. This statement was factually wrong, but the media quickly broadcast the false statement.

On Sunday, after an outcry by physicians and researchers, the WHO amended its statement to say “there is no evidence” that Coronavirus antibodies protect people from the disease. This, too, was a lie. Antibodies by definition protect a host. If an “antibody” does not protect the host from the bacteria of virus, it isn’t an anitbody.

Today, the WHO again amended its statement after further complaints from doctors. Now, the WHO says people should not rely on antibodies to protect them.

WHO Propaganda Headlines

The World Health Organization’s long pattern of lying about medical facts is clear evidence that the organization is not a health or medical organization. Instead, the WHO is a propaganda ministry for globalists. It specializes in creating panics with the hope of raising demands for centralized governance of all medical and health matters.

Ignore whatever the WHO says about anything. It’s a bunch of lies.