May 25, 2020

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How Priests Gamble With Your Soul, and What You can Do About It

How Priests Gamble With Your Soul, and What You can Do About It

Could anything be more entertaining than watching a “woke” priest mock his own religion and its sacraments by spraying an infant with a water gun in the sanctuary?

Yet, this is where the “reforms” of Vatican II have landed us. Satan himself has more respect for God than these vested buffoons who use Coronavirus as an excuse to mock God, mock His Church, and mock the seven Holy Sacraments.

Millions of Catholics have been denied access to the grace of sacraments by cowardly, worldly bishops for months. You would think that priests would celebrate the return of those graces with due solemnity and reverence. But, no.

Instead, these Novus Ordo priests (and, probably, many more whose photos in flagrante delicto haven’t made it to Twitter yet) chose to re-introduce the sacrament of Baptism as a comedy skit.

This is why Catholic schools and parishes are closing by the dozens across the United States and the world. Bishops are not protecting and promoting the faith; they’re protecting and promoting their privilege. Bishops do the world’s bidding. When the Kingdom of Christ gets in the way they brush It aside.

We beseech You, O Lord, increase in Your Church the spirit of grace which You have given, so that, by the prayers of Blessed Urban, Your Martyr and Supreme Pontiff, the flock may never fail in obedience to its shepherd, nor the shepherd in the care of his flock.

The Postcommunion verse from today’s Traditional Mass, the feast St. Urban, asked the Lord that the sheep be obedient to the shepherds and the shepherd watchful of their sheep. Sadly, to obey the current flock of bishops is to run with the wolves.

Luckily, the Church tradition is unchanging. Open up the Catechism of Trent and you will find everything you need to know about living the faith. And the one Good Shepherd never tires of tending His flock.

Just don’t tell Novus Ordo priest you’re reading actual Church tradition. He’ll declare you “rigid” and feed you to the wolves.

P.S. If you know the names, parishes, and dioceses of these priests, please let me know in the Comments below. I think I can get them to block me on Twitter in three tweets.