Twitter and YouTube Reject Science

Twitter and YouTube Reject Science

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Why would YouTube and Twitter executives attack an innovative biotech company?

Hatred. Pure, unadulterated hate.

Nothing but raging emotion can explain why both YouTube and Twitter went on the offensive against the biotech company AYTU Healight this weekend, banning the company from their platforms.

What AYTU Healight did to earn deplatforming: it found favor with the man the China-controlled World Health Organization hates.

Donald Trump merely asked his mecical experts about the possibilities of AYTU Healight’s Far-UVC catheter technology. This set off a firestorm in the low-IQ media who believed the president was talking bleach and Mr. Clean. (When you’re stupid, high technology is confusing, so your brain substitutes simple, familiar concepts in place of the complicated, mysterious ones.)

The Gateway Pundit explains that the banning of this publicly traded health sciences company may have more to do with the WHO than with President Trump. Since Trump stopped funding the corrupt globalist propagandist WHO, WHO (and China) have declared war on Trump.

Caught in the middle of this war, the tech refugees, are people who could benefit from ATYU Healight’s technology. Their low-grade UV catherter kills bacteria and viruses caused by catherters by releasing light inside the body. They are working on FDA approval to use their lifesaving probe in the tracheae of Coronavirus patients, killing the virus from the inside. It would be a lifesaving advance in biotech.


But Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Susan Wojkicki of YouTube would rather more people die than benefit from a technology Trump learned about before they did.

This is why I encourage everyone to begin moving their social media activity away from the haters at Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and joining You can follow me on Gab at whennessy.


Deplatform the platforms of hate.