February 21, 2020

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Truth Behind Dems Latest Russian Hoax

Truth Behind Dems Latest Russian Hoax

BREAKING: Sources with direct knowledge of the House Intelligence Committee briefing tell Hennessy’s View that a report leaked to the Associated Press claiming Russia is trying to Boost Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump was manufactured by Congressional Democrats, given a stamp of authenticity by anti-Trump staffers inside the National Security Council, and leaked in hopes of undermining President Trump and the Sanders campaign.

Democrats are getting really bad at hoaxes, and I’m going to tell you the truth behind the latest Democrat Russian hoax.

Tonight, the liars at Washington Post, CNN, and the rest of the Dem’s propaganda network are breathlessly reporting a lie conjured up by Adam Schiff: the Russians have infiltrated the US election system. They’re pushing Donald Trump, of course, but also Bernie Sanders.

This is, of course, a lie. It was invented by Adam Schiff, fed to Deep State Democrats in the intel community. The Deep Staters formatted the hoax narrative to look like an intelligence product, then fed it back to the House Intelligence Committee.

Like this:

  • SCHIFF: Bernie is winning! We have to stop him!
  • DEEP STATE: How ‘bout this: Headline: “Russia Trying to Boost Bernie Sanders, not only Trump!
  • SCHIFF: Perfect! How do we break it?
  • DEEP STATE: Here’s the highly classified intelligence product.
  • SCHIFF (into phone): Jake? Adam. Just got an intel briefing . . .yes, of course, someone with direct knowledge speaking on condition of anonymity. Russia trying to Boost Bernie Sanders, not only Trump . . . Sure, “report says.” Sounds official.

Ten minutes later . . .

STLToday Russia Hoax

Unlike previous hoaxes, this hoax is so convenient, so amateurish, so obvious even a Biden could spot it. Let’s look at why the Democrats would be so stupid to launch another Russian hoax.

  1. Bernie Sanders is going to win the Democrat nomination unless the Democrats simply steal the nomination.
  2. Donald Trump would win 45 to 49 states in a race against Sanders.
  3. Everything else the Democrats have tried has failed.
  4. Not a single Deep State criminal has been charged, tried, or convicted, so there’s little fear of prosecution.
  5. Most Democrat voters are too stupid to know the difference or too corrupt to care.
  6. What the hell do they have to lose?

In their maniacal quest to steal another election, Democrats fail to realize that two-thirds of Americans are not Democrats. And non-Democrats have already figured out that Democrat hoaxes are just that: hoaxes. We laugh at them.

Because of the nature of this hoax, and the fact that a member of the intel committee criminally leaked details of the fake intel report, someone might finally go to jail.

The Gateway Pundit has video of Trump’s response!

P.S. The first paragraph of this post is every bit as authentic as anything produced by the US intel agencies and the House Intelligence Committee.