Trump Was 5 Years Ahead of Coronavirus

Trump Was 5 Years Ahead of Coronavirus

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If the world has listened to Trump in 2015, the coronavirus pandemic might have happened, but it would have been a lot less severe. I say this with absolutely no fear of error.

President Trump become an enemy of the left for just one policy proposal: controlling national borders. Trump not only wanted to restore US border controls that were left to decay since the 1960s, he also encouraged other nations to treat their borders like the front doors of their homes. Which they are.

The woke world of experts and smug, sneering Millennials excoriated Trump and the low-brow American redneck gun and Bible clingers who supported historically normal border controls.

Now, all those woke experts are reeling. The open borders people are, all of a sudden, more concerned about their personal welfare and the lives of their parents than about the migrants and “refugees.” The European Union, Germany, Belgium, and even the wretched United Nations have ended open border policies and resettlement efforts.

Had the world listened to Trump in 2015 and put their own countries first (as national leaders have a fiduciary duty to do), the coronavirus would have spread much slower. But the woke Intellectual-Yet-Idiot experts of the world went their own. They defied millennia of learned experience and decided their brains had evolved faster than viruses.

The work idiots are panicking now, and innocent people are suffering economic and physical damage because of them.

As Nassim Nicholas Taleb says, ignore the experts; listen to your grandmother. Or, in this case, listen to Donald Trump.