October 31, 2020

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CANCELLED: Trump Road Rally November 1 Noon

CANCELLED: Trump Road Rally November 1 Noon


Friends, I’m cancelling the Road Rally.

The weather forecast calls for wind gusts up to 30 MPH this afternoon. Combined with highway speeds of 65 MPH, that’s 95 MPH winds–a category 1 hurricane. The flag rig I have is rated up to 65 MPH. What would happen if a Trump flag ripped off a vehicle and caused a crash on the highway? Would that help Trump, or would it become fodder for CNN to ridicule Trump supporters?

I decided not to try to reroute the rally this late. I should have had an alternate route planned, but this came together so late, I didn’t think of that.

I apologize for the false alarm.

Original Post

The republic is in peril. Congress is at risk. Your way of life could be over Tuesday.

Don’t just sit there: Do Something!

Road Rally for the Election

St. Louis Area Road Rally for the Election starts at Noon Sunday, November 1 and ends with a rally at Lion’s Park in Eureka, MO about 2:15 PM.

Map and route below.

This is too simple:

  • Decorate your car
  • Meet at the Commuter Lot at 109 and I-44 in Eureka for a noon start
  • Or, jump in line anywhere along the route
  • Try to stay near the speed limit and in a tight formation
  • Lots of flags, Red White and Blue
"St. Louis Road Rally for the Trump and the Election Starts at Noon in Eureka MO" #STL #MAGA2020LandslideVictory

This is the Election of Your Life

Don’t regret not having done more.

Join us at Noon Sunday


12:00: Depart Commuter Lot, I-44 & 109 (QuikTrip) to EB 44

EB I-44 to WB I-70 (downtown)

-30 minutes

WB I-70 to First Capital Drive.

-30 minutes

MO 364 to EB I-64 (Weldon Springs)

-30 minutes

40 to SB 141

-15 minutes

SB I-141 to WB I-44 (Valley Park)

-20 minutes

I-44 to MO-109 (South)

MO-109 to one of the Eureka parks (About 2:10 PM)


Starts and ends in Eureka MO

Starts and ends in Eureka MO