Taiwan Next Domino to Fall

Taiwan Next Domino to Fall

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Failure has consequences.

When a great empire fails spectacularly, as the United States failed on its Afghanistan exit, enemies take note. Our enemies include China and Iran.

What China and Iran saw in Afghanistan was a weak giant unable to execute an exit strategy despite the best intelligence, equipment, and training in the world. They saw the United States humiliated by goat herders with small arms.

But they saw far more than. The saw a weak US president hiding in a bunker in Maryland while his military looked inept. They saw a White House in disarray. They saw the American media realize, live on the air, that the US president is incompetent to the point of incapacitation.

Taiwan produces about 90 percent of all semiconductor chips in the world. You know about the shortages of chips, right? Thousands of products are unavailable because of chip shortages. All those chips are bottlenecked on the island of Taiwan. Whoever controls Taiwan controls technology.

China has long considered Taiwan its property. (I won’t go into the history here, but it’s worth refreshing your memory.) The United States has protected the breakaway Taiwanese government since the Cold War. China really wants to subdue Taiwan the way it has subdued Hong Kong.

With an incompetent US President, turmoil in the US, hysteria over COVID, and, now, a demonstration of our military lack of will, China is in a position to take Taiwan without a fight.

Expect China to grow more belligerent toward Taiwan in coming days. If they sense the US is unable or unwilling to go to war to protect Taiwan, China will seize the island and all the chips in the world.

Stay close to God, because man can do nothing without Him. The days ahead are going to be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Please pray for the Navy personnel deployed to defend Taiwan.