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Bad Times for Unions

Wisconsin The boards at Democratic Underground crackled on June 12. It was just announced in Wisconsin that the unprecedented recall elections of Republicans will take place August 9. The leftists dreamed. Visions of a union-boss oligarchy danced in their heads. Posters misquoted Marx and Lenin. Others wanted nothing to do with waiting two months for an election: they were ready to take up arms and violently overthrow the Wisconsin government. Read more →

Forward, Wisconsin

Doing the right thing is hard. Doing the right thing after years of practicing the wrong things is even harder. When your senate separated the fiscal responsibility provisions affecting union collective bargaining powers from a bill that previously included tax and spend provisions, you took a big step toward fiscal recovery. For years, public sector unions have dictated states’ taxing spending policies through brute force. These unions were not elected by the people, but the people were forced to pay—or borrow—what the unions demanded. Read more →

Why Would You Give State Workers the Power to Tax?

For decades, now, public sector unions have imposed onerous tax increases and service cuts on the net tax payers of many states. Wisconsin being among the worst. What do I mean by that? Look at what’s going on in Wisconsin. The people who represent the net tax payers—those who pay more in taxes to the state than they receive in salary—are being vilified, harassed, threatened, and assaulted by the net tax takers—those receive more in state wages than they pay in state taxes. Read more →

Unions Go Berserk

Obama’s friends in the public-sector unions stage embarrassing rallies to demand more, More, MORE of other people’s money. These aren’t unions that represent people who work in mines and factories. No, these are unions representing people who live off your and my tax dollars. (BTW,the military doesn’t have a union.) So let’s see … The government does a bunch of stuff we don’t want them to do. The people who did it get paid twice as much as the people who pay them. Read more →

Wisconsin’s Teachers

Let’s knock off the silly political correctness, here, and admit what’s going in Wisconsin. The teachers are trying collapse the system. The National Education Association is a radical, political organization whose primary purpose is not education but control. Threatened with sensible legislation that protects the people of Wisconsin from unsustainable and unjustified retirement benefits, these teachers decided to shut down Wisconsin’s schools. The solution is simple. Do what Reagan did to PATCO. Read more →

Jay Nixon Putting Party Ahead of Missouri? UPDATE

Last week, the Illinois legislature passed a massive income tax increase on individuals and businesses. Overall, it represents about a 67 percent income tax increase. In response, neighboring states of Wisconsin and Indiana have wisely mounted massive campaigns to suck businesses and people out of Illinois. Even New Jersey’s fabulous governor, Chris Christie, plans to fish the Land o’ Lincoln for some business transplants. One state bordering Illinois has been notoriously silent. Read more →