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Obama Admin Wiretapped Trump UPDATE 2

Now you know. You can stop doubting. You have more than hope. The Obama administration spied on Donald Trump and his campaign and transition teams. There is no longer any doubt. The questions that remain are: * Who ordered and authorized the illegal wiretaps? * Who illegally received and disseminated the intelligence? * What did Obama know? It’s easy to declare the Obama Admin guilty after Evelyn Farkas’s admissions on MSNBC. Read more →

Why Now? Open Borders

You might have heard that the Clinton campaign released the 2005 audio of Donald Trump on Friday to affect Sunday’s debate. Maybe, but not likely. It’s more likely that the story dropped to cover up the latest Hillary email scandal. Gwen Ifill agrees (via Breitbart): we would have been paying attention a lot more tonight to some revelations from WikiLeaks about Hillary Clinton’s email — her latest email tranche from the State Department. Read more →

Feelin’ Berned? Special Offer for Bernie Fans

After the DNCLeak stories, I think Bernie fans deserve a break. Since you’re probably looking for someone to vote for—someone who’s anti-establishment and outside the political class—you might be thinking about Trump. This might help: 25% offthe ultimate guide to turning from anti-Trump to … voting for Trump. I did it. You can, too. My book will help. To get the 25% discount (that’s like $2.50 in your pocket), just give me your email address and vouch that you Feel Berned. Read more →