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Top 5 Moves for Herman Cain Supporters Right Now

Herman Cain is riding a wave of popularity because of his upset win in the Florida straw poll on Saturday. He’s helped by Rick Perry’s free-fall and Mitt Romney’s establishmentarianism. But Cain is a huge underdog. That’s okay because **America loves an underdog. ** Here’s what must happen right now for Herman Cain to win: 1. Social Media avalanche. Get @THEHermanCain trending on Twitter, and keep it there for five consecutive days. Read more →

3 Reasons to Pre-Order “Weaving the Roots”

You’ll learn how to have a bigger impact through social media. You’ll learn all kinds of cool back-stories about the St. Louis Tea Party (including some embarrassing things about me). You’ll promote conservative book publishing through Broadside Books, HarperCollins’ new imprint. Book Description New from Broadside Books’ Voices of the Tea Party. In Weaving the Roots, you’ll learn how even tiny grassroots organizations can make big impacts on the world through smart use of free or inexpensive social media tools. Read more →