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Obama Administration Revives Watergate—In Living Color!

Everyone knows that the White House is interfering with the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s criminal conspiracies. We know this because the Justice Department is stonewalling the FBI’s request for a warrant to search the hard drive Huma Abedin shared with her ex-husband Anthony Weiner. For those of us too young to remember those black-and-white days of Watergate, here’s a brief timeline via Watergate.info: * **July 13, 1973:** Alexander Butterfield, former presidential appointments secretary, reveals in congressional testimony that since 1971 Nixon had recorded all conversations and telephone calls in his offices. Read more →

What the hell got me involved in politics to begin with?

Paul Hamby asked a question last month. I was only one of the many he asked, and, being the rude bastard I am sometimes, I took a month to reply. And being lazy, I figured I should get a blog post out of it. So here’s my answer to the question “who inspired you to get involved in politics?” In the Summer of 74, I was between 3rd and 4th grade (I think). Read more →