Democrats Changing Tune on Iraq/Pullout

It started in July with polls showing Americans were increasingly supportive of the war in Iraq. Then, the President’s approval rating began to climb. Then Congress’s approval rating fell to an all-time low. In between, the odd Democrat Congressman or analyst returned from Iraq saying good things, not bad, about the effect of the troop surge. With thanks to the California Conservative and Captain Ed for finding this story, we find that the Washington Post is reporting that the Democrats are forced to shift their policy on Iraq because of the undeniable success of the surge.
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Al Qaeda's Base is Iraq

The ultimate argument for winning the war in Iraq came down from W today. The Discerning Texan has done a superlative job of breaking it down for you, so I won’t even try. We will win this thing, damn it. And we won’t damage the republic or the Republican Party in the process.
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