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Confirmed: Coup Attempt Is Under Way In America

You might have thought I was paranoid for wondering if some people in the CIA and the Deep State are plotting a coup to overturn our recent election. The Wall Street Journal seems to agree with my conclusion: a coup attempt is going on in America. Rogue actors within the CIA, all of the major leftist media (New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS), and probably major defense contractors seem to be involved, though the Wall Street Journal stops short of accusing advertisers.
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Government Planning Is Killing the Economy

Friedrich Hayek warned more than half a century ago that central planning doesn’t work. Here’s why: * Central Planners (government) makes a plan * The plan includes specific expectations * The expectations are never, ever, realized * A “crisis” ensues * So the planners demand more control * And create more plans * Ad hoc * Willy nilly * Capriciously * So you must wait for things to settle down to make your decision Today’s Wall Street Journal article about the fiscal cliff demonstrates the futility of central planning:
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The Courage of Roy Blunt

When you vote for a candidate for high office, sometimes you do so with fingers crossed. You just don’t know how they’ll handle the new responsibilities. Will they succumb to pressure and influence? Or will they remain true? Luckily for us, Senator-elect Roy Blunt showed his courage in a recent Wall Street Journal article about the Tea Party and the GOP. In a year when voters overwhelming demanded changes to business as usual in Washington, Roy Blunt showed he has the rectitude to stand strong for the tried and true practices of obfuscation, political double-speak, and deflection.
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