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Are These Woman as Stupid as They Say?

I keep hearing the media say terrible things about women who live in suburbs and went to college. According to everyone from CNN to the Cook Political Report, these college-educated suburban women have no control over their emotions or their hormones. They self-sabotage and sabotage their families just to quell their own emotional urges. In other words, the media say college-educated suburban women are all hysterical. That’s a terrible, sexist thing for the CNN to say about these women. Read more →

How the Condorcet Method Could Save The GOP

The RNC’s Autopsy report wants to do away with caucuses and conventions, replacing them with regional primaries. But I’ll propose a different reform that will make candidate selection more interesting, whether in a caucus or a primary. A Word About The Autopsy The idea of compacting the primary season and eliminating caucuses has some merit, but also a lot of downside. On the plus side are splashier events to showcase the party, fewer Tuesdays littered with politics, and, believe it or not, some economies as candidates can focus on one geographical region at a time. Read more →

Dear Conservatives: We Are Already Losing 2016

If you need to blame someone for our election losses, blame me. I Let You Down I could have done more. I could have spoken up sooner. I could have been more honest with you about the mistakes we made and the opportunities we ignored. I could have worked harder on what I saw as the most important work we could do. I let you down. I focused on petty issues of the day, too, instead of working on a different future. Read more →

The Conservative Base Is Dying And Taking Your Freedom With It CORRECTION

Related articles Consider these numbers: * **9.8 million** * <del>**11.6 million **</del>**16.8 million** * **55%** * **61%** Between the 2008 and 2012 elections: * 9.8 million people died*, 55% of them were reliable Republican voters * [16.8 <del>11.6</del> million people reached voting age](https://www.civicyouth.org/you-ask-we-answer-16-8-million-new-youth-eligible-to-vote-in-2012/?%3E)--61% of them are semi-reliable Democrat voters Read more →

How To Maximize Your Election Influence

Here’s What To Do Today And On Election Day Tuesday is the most important election of your life, but voting is never enough. You can have a bigger impact by using social proof to increase your influence. I’ll tell you how, and it won’t take you long. First, though, make sure nothing gets in the way of exercising your duty to vote. Studies have shown that you are more likely to vote if you answer these questions before Election Day: Read more →

Studies Show Most Americans Are Too Stupid to Vote

The new fad among Democrats is to see how many illegal aliens they can pack into a voting booth. While we conservatives decry this illegal and anti-American grab at tyrannical power, we should take some solace in this sobering fact: those illegal aliens probably know as much about the American political system as most 13th generation Americans. The fact is, most Americans are too stupid about politics to vote, which explains the 2008 election. Read more →