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Domine, non sum dignus

Now Experts Are Worse Than Useless

Millennials seem to believe anything that comes from the mouth of an “expert.” Even the older Millennials are probably too green to realize that listening to experts will produce worse results than going with your gut. It works like this … when we go with our gut (or some non-expert’s suggestion), we build in a wide margin for error. We recognize the fallibility of our own judgment and proceed with due caution. Read more →

You Will Be Punished Efficiently

The trains to Auschwitz ran on time. Brutal dictatorships love efficiency. Stalin. Hitler. Mao. Pol Pot. The best mass murderers are efficient. Psychopaths feed on efficiency. They kill because killing is the most efficient means to their end. They kill to rid society of inefficient people. People who introduce inefficiencies to the system. People who get in the way. Democracy is inefficient. As are all republics. (A republic is any form of government that’s open to the public. Read more →