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Domine, non sum dignus

Go to Caracas and Say a Rosary

Down in the world’s newest socialist “paradise,” the longest blackout in decades has struck Venezuela. The country has been without power for at least 4 days. That’s how socialism works. The constitutional president, Juan Guaido, has called on Venezuelans to pour into the capital city of Caracas to demand the communist dictator Madura surrender. Guaido correctly points out that Maduro’s socialism caused the problem. Guaido’s call is great, but it doesn’t go far enough. Read more →

How to Answer Chavez

Communist dictator Hugo Chavez has has stolen eleven oil rigs owned by the American company Helmerich and Payne. As Reuters points out, Chavez has now nationalized oil, telecommunications (including news), power, steel, and banking. If you’re keeping score, Chavez leads Obama 5-3, as Obama so far has managed to seize only banking, automotive, and healthcare. But Obama has vowed a comeback. Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of cutting and splitting some oak and hickory with a friend. Read more →