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There’s One Person to Blame if Blues Disappointed You

Harsh, I know. The St. Louis Blues disappeared from the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs in a 4-2, first-round collapse for the third consecutive season. And this year was supposed to be different. So different. With off-season pickups like Jori Lehtera and Paul Stastny, we expected St. Louis to shut down for a parade in June, not in the 3rd period of game six. Instead, we’re wondering how soon will T. Read more →

Gratitude Is Not a Privilege

Gratitude, like love, is bound only by our choices. The more we give, the more we keep. I tried to ignore Ferguson today, but I glanced at Twitter hashtag #Ferguson a moment ago. The first tweet I read inspired this post. Someone wrote that “being able to be thankful after #Fergson is a privilege itself.” I understand how someone could feel that their “gratitude privilege” had been revoked. We lost our daughter just before Christmas in 1994, about four weeks after I got out of the Navy. Read more →

How To Get More Twitter Followers

Unless you just want to vent, the reason you post things on Twitter is to influence people. But you can’t influence people who don’t see your tweets. **The more people who see your tweets, the more influential you are. **So you should increase your Twitter followers. How can you increase your followers? Research at Georgia Tech gives you the answer. Twitter Things To Do Be Positive. Positive tweets are more likely to be retweeted and people who use positive words have more followers. Read more →

These Are the Bill in Congress That Need Your Attention

Even though Congress is winding down, there are dangerous bills on the desk. I used Heritage Action’s Popvox program to tell Congressman (and future Senator) Todd Akin I oppose the FARM bill that does less for farmers and more for wasteful government statism. Here’s the whole slate of bills you should write to Congress about: Oppose the Big-Spending Farm Bill: Email Your Representative Now Tell Blunt and McCaskill to Kill LOST—A Bill to Surrender US Sovereignty Read more →