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It’s About Love

Trent and Jennifer Humphries—hated by all the right people—just brought to tears to 5,200 eyes. After Trent told us that the secret to our success is Christ’s love, his wife, Jennifer, described the depths to which evil journalists stooped in the moments following the Giffords shooting. As the Humphries and their small children returned home from the grocery store, they learned that their next door neighbor—and a beloved friend—was killed in the tragedy. Read more →

Is Bill Maher’s Vitriol Responsible for Arrest?

Last week, America’s sleaziest leftists—Bill Maher, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, E. J. Dionne, Paul Krugman, others – have executed a prepared propaganda war against anyone who disagrees with them. Their theorem is: vitriolic rhetoric inspires conservatives to act out in violence. Unfortunately for the loony left, there was no evidence to support their theorem. The evidence they falsely pointed to—Jarod Lee Loughner’s deranged murder rampage in Tucson—was determined to be a lie only hours after the event. Read more →

I went to a memorial… and all I got was this lousy t-shirt UPDATE Michelle Malkin Reminds Us of Another Massacre Memorial

**Obama Productions Inc. ** Garish chic. No other way to describe it. Where were the Greek columns? No official sponsors? Why not GM and Goldman Sachs? While Obama’s speech was appropriate and well delivered—his best since taking office—the crass and tasteless setting, the shouting and cheering, the lack of dignity and solemnity, will mark this event as an embarrassment to the country and an affront to the families and victims. Read more →

A Turning Tide Swamps All Lefties

For three consecutive days the hard left of American politics executed a prepared battle plan: * Personify the Enemy (Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck) * Isolate him or her (Rightwing vitriol, conservative talk radio, “crosshairs”) * Vilify without mercy (Hate, violence, accessory to murder) Democrat Mark Penn showed us the left’s cards in November when he said that Obama needs an Oklahoma bombing to help him “reconnect” with the American people. Read more →

Got Your Back

Seth Godin’s daily blogs are amazingly timely. Today Seth talked about having someone’s back. He explained that the time we need to feel that someone has our back is when things are tough, not when they’re going well. No, if you want her to go all in, if you want her to take the risk and brave the fear, then it sure helps if you’re there too, no matter what. Read more →

Am I an Idiot?

For most of my life I was naïve. I think. I thought that most people who voted for larger government, higher taxes, tighter regulation, and limits on speech, religion, and assembly, were misguided. I’ve always known and acknowledged that the people who advocated and plotted to concentrate power in the hands of a few were wicked creatures. I never hesitated to attack them head-on. But the others. The others I sometimes pitied. Read more →

Just Sad

How sad is the story of the Tucson tragedy. Good people died. Good people grieve. A little girl, born on 9-11, went on her way to her reward. Too soon. So, so too soon. Experience says that some survivors will become bitter and angry. That’s sad, too. Some will become depressed. All will weep. Especially the little girl’s daddy. (I can’t bring myself to write their names—that would make it too personal for me. Read more →

A National Day of Shame

It’s bad enough that five people died, including a wonderful nine-year-old girl. It’s bad enough that a dozen or more people were shot. It’s bad enough that a deranged man attacked our American system. But America’s liberal elite turned the tragedy into a national day of shame. They accomplished this by callously and capriciously blaming innocent political opponents for the violence. When confronted with facts to the contrary, liberals, including Paul Krugman, CBS News, the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, Jane Fonda, Sheriff Dupnick of Pima County Arizona, and others, continued to lie, slander, and libel the tea party, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and conservatives in general. Read more →

UPDATE: Go With Hope—reports that Gabrielle Giffords is still alive, needs our prayers

Like all decent people, I am disgusted to hear the sad news out of Tucson, AZ: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) was shot and killed along with four others today. Twelve were shot altogether. The murderer was apprehended by heroic bystanders and is in custody. Not sure of the young murderer’s motives. I’m sure they weren’t worth killing or dying for. Except to him. Please prayer for the souls of the faithful departed, the well-being of their families, the quick recovery of the wounded, and the delivery of justice. Read more →