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It’s About Love

Trent and Jennifer Humphries—hated by all the right people—just brought to tears to 5,200 eyes. After Trent told us that the secret to our success is Christ’s love, his wife, Jennifer, described the depths to which evil journalists stooped in the moments following the Giffords shooting. As the Humphries and their small children returned home from the grocery store, they learned that their next door neighbor—and a beloved friend—was killed in the tragedy. Read more →


Almost pulled a muscle laughing in the ride from the Tucson airport to our hotel. It’s only 5:30 here. Weird. That call that “time difference” for you lefties who read my blog. Has to do with the earth being round and all. Been a whirlwind day so far. Met Trent and Jennifer Humphries, remarkable Tea Party leaders here in Tucson. Most gracious hosts you can imagine. Funny, dedicated, joyous. After checking into hotel, I spoke to Mike Ferguson of Eagle 93. Read more →

Left Doubles Down on Threats

What would you do? Suppose you did something stupid. You blamed the wrong person, for instance, for a capital crime. Then supposed one of your comrades compounded your … error … by threatening to kill someone on national television? If you’re an American leftist, you might double down by issuing even more death threats to even more people. That’s what’ happening right now in America. Death threats are pouring into Trent Humphries, Tucson Tea Party organizer, Dana Loesch, Sarah Palin (who vows not to be silenced), Glenn Beck, and more. Read more →

Is Bill Maher’s Vitriol Responsible for Arrest?

Last week, America’s sleaziest leftists—Bill Maher, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, E. J. Dionne, Paul Krugman, others – have executed a prepared propaganda war against anyone who disagrees with them. Their theorem is: vitriolic rhetoric inspires conservatives to act out in violence. Unfortunately for the loony left, there was no evidence to support their theorem. The evidence they falsely pointed to—Jarod Lee Loughner’s deranged murder rampage in Tucson—was determined to be a lie only hours after the event. Read more →