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Party Thursday!

A great State Rep decides to give up his seat. The seat previously held by the Speaker of the House and a conservative legend. A seat in, perhaps, the most reliably conservative House district in St. Louis County. Now, there’s a battle for that seat. A battle between a left-leaning Establishment Republican and a grassroots Conservative activist. An activist whose work for the right causes earned a star on Heritage Action’s Wall of Honor. Read more →

DOH! ACTION: Tell Missouri Legislature Jay Nixon to Pass Tax Holiday for Ferguson

****UPDATE Tim Jones let me know that I’m giving the legislature more power than it actually has. Veto sessions are limited to overriding vetos. Thus the name. BUT the governor can call a Special Session to vote on a Ferguson Tax Holiday. That session can run concurrent with the Veto Session, saving taxpayer dollars. SO > > > New Action: Ask Jay Nixon (via Twitter and Facebook) to call a Special Session concurrent with the Veto Session to create a Tax Holiday for Ferguson/Dellwood. Read more →

DESE: The original box of rocks that nothing is dumber than

Related articles According to research from Missouri Education Watchdog, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) agreed to surrender Missouri’s education voice under Obama’s “Race to the Top” scheme. Race to the Top was a contest in which states agreed to let the federal Department of Education, via two puppet organizations, run all of the state’s education systems. Read more →