Welcome to the America of Our Dreams

Jim Durbin called me this evening. “Are you excited?” he asked. Jim was in the crowd at the very first Tea Party in St. Louis, February 27, 2009. A cold Friday. He and more than a thousand other folks took off work and school to see what this protest was all about. Like so many others, Jim knew America needed a change. A big one. A change built on the hopes and dreams and fierce independence of ordinary people.
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How Herbert Hoover Launched Cardinal Nation

The St. Louis Cardinals were the major league team farthest west and farthest south until the 1950s. But that’s not the only reason the Redbirds built a massive flock of fans from the Alleghenies to the Rockies, and from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. The St. Louis Cardinals owe big government statism and technological innovation a big thanks, in addition to geography and great teams. The technology was radio. The big government statist?
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BREAKING: Ed Martin Running for Attorney General in Missouri *UPDATE*

Ed Martin Jr. of St. Louis has redirected his fire to the Attorney General race, and this is great news for everyone except Chris Koster. Back when Ed Martin was talking about running for the Republican nod to take on Claire McCaskill, I had another thought. Well, a bunch of people had another thought: Ed would make an outstanding Attorney General. ******UPDATE****** HUGE list of endorsements on Ed’s official press release.
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BREAKING: 2nd Federal Judge Rules HealthControl Unconstitutional—No One Surprised

U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson today ruled Obamacare directly violates the Constitution by mandating that citizens buy health insurance. This ruling goes further than the previous Virginia ruling. Judge Vinson declared the entire Obamacare bill unconstitutional because the individual mandate portion is not severable from the rest of the law. Third, Judge Vinson granted the plaintiffs “declaratory relief,” the functional equivalent of an injunction, freeing them from the burden of compliance.
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Video of St. Louis Event--Almost as Good as Being There *update*

My hat’s off to Bob Anders and the crew from Creative Video Services for this 3-part series of the St. Louis Nationwide Chicago Tea Party protest held February 27, 2009. If you need videography, you can’t go wrong with Creative Video. Part I: St. Louis Tea Party (Part 1) from CR8VDO on Vimeo. Click here for Parts 2 and 3. Dana has lots of great links. UPDATES  It was a 3-part, not 4-part video.
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Flow-Thru Afterglow

Dangerous Thoughts Standing in the Wings _Why are you here? _I thought. I was standing on the steps of the Arch fully aware that my fingers were painfully cold when the wrong thought crossed my mind. By “wrong thought,” I mean that one thought that will subconsciously sabotage the important or dangerous thing you are about to attempt. Like thinking, “what if the front wheel just fell off?” as you’re cruising down a winding road on a motorcycle, or “what if I forget my lines?
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St. Louis Tea Party Turnout Rocks!

Thanks to the 1,000+ patriots who stood in the snow at the Arch, Dana “The Energizer” Loesch, Doug Saur, the speakers, Michelle Moore and Jeff who managed the fairgrounds, Desiree’ the Poster Party Lady, and the true leaders at #TCOT who held my hand after I stumbled into this event. Today at the Arch in St. Louis was simple patriotic magic. I have to do some wrapping up of the event, but I’ll say this:
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St. Louis Tea Party Live Feed All Day

Stay on Hennessy’s View for continous live coverage of the St. Louis Tea Party TV : Ustream

How to Change the World with Twitter

My light blogging owes to our efforts to change the world in a week. My role is, appropriately, miniscule. When Congress listens, it will repeal the trillions of waste, fraud, and abuse it has produced over the past 4 months, it will stop proposed borrowing and bailouts, it will stop rewarding bad behavior in corporations and citizens, or it will retire. This time, there are no two ways. Using tools like Twitter, email, and Facebook, TCOT has provided at least 163 patriots a forum to voice its discontent on Friday, February 27 at 11:00 a.
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Matt Sczesny Rocks, and other Tea Party News

Great coverage of the St. Louis Tea Party on KMOV Channel 4 by reporter Matt Sczesny. Channel 4 has not posted the video (that I can find). I’ll link or embed it as soon as it’s available. Please say “thanks” to Matt and KMOV for a fair report. Amy at Top Conservatives on Twitter has put together a convenient list of the Tea Parties across the country. This list is NOT exhaustive, as not all cities have a Facebook Event page.
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