How to Deal With Events

Governor Eric Greitens resigned. Friend of the lobbyists, Mike Parson, became Missouri’s governor. In the words of someone who knows the new governor well, Mike Parson will “sell everything that isn’t nailed down.” For those of us who believe in limited government that doesn’t put its thumb on the scale of achievement, it’s time to panic and despair, right? Wrong. It’s never time to panic or despair. And we know this from two of the greatest philosophers of all time, Epictetus and Seneca.
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Free Forever Through Stoicism

“Some things we can control, some we can’t. We can control our attitudes, opinions, goals and desires – choices of our own. We can’t control health, wealth, fame or power – things we can’t have by choosing them.” —Epictetus Freedom begins with understanding what we control and we do not. Yet very few people even begin to consider this essential dichotomy. Even in the complete absence of “administration” as Tocqueville observed in early 19th century America, no one was free who failed to understand Epictetus’s control dichotomy: some things are under our control, some are not.
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