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Four Reforms for the 2014-2015 St. Louis Blues

If you’re reading this, the Blues blew it. Again. I’m writing this six hours before Game 6 against the Chicago Blackhawks. If I wait to write this after the game, I’ll get a lot of complaints about foul language. Yes, I expect the Blackhawks to end the Blues’ delusions of Market Street parades this afternoon. The Blues’ tenacity, hitting, and heart can’t overcome their lack of goal scoring and playoff goaltending. Read more →

So Far, Blues Playoff Run Is Carbon Copy of 2013

I told my nephew Scott that I was worried about the parallels between this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 1 and last year’s bitter collapse to the LA Kings. That conversation happened last Sunday at an Easter party. The Blues were up 2-0 at the time, preparing for Game 3 in Chicago. My trepidation stemmed from the pattern emerging: * Blues playing defending Stanley Cup Champions in Round 1 * Steen wins Game 1 on overtime goal * Jackman scores game winner in Game 2 The parallels didn’t stop there. Read more →