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How Herbert Hoover Launched Cardinal Nation

The St. Louis Cardinals were the major league team farthest west and farthest south until the 1950s. But that’s not the only reason the Redbirds built a massive flock of fans from the Alleghenies to the Rockies, and from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. The St. Louis Cardinals owe big government statism and technological innovation a big thanks, in addition to geography and great teams. The technology was radio. The big government statist? Read more →

Consent of the Governed

In the battle between conservatives and statists, a fundamental difference seems to lie in the meaning of a concept found in the Declaration of Independence: Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed[.] The dispute is how men convey consensual powers to their government. Conservatives believe that governmental power is conveyed exclusively through the Constitution; statists believe power is conveyed through elections. Read more →

Days of Free Markets Numbered

The statists are moving faster through the Constitution than Hitler moved through France. Today, Democrats in the House of Representatives voted to advance a bill to socialize medicine without debate. House Democrats went on record again in favor of advancing the legislation while allowing only limited debate, which would hobble the ability of Republicans to wrest concessions on one of Obama’s top domestic priorities. **Accelerating the **Banana Republic Read more →