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Rick Stream Probably Didn’t Know I Knew His Old Career Counselor

When people asked me to get behind Rick Stream, I first wanted to make sure that was the right thing. I remembered that I have a friend who helped Rick a while ago. So I asked her. Rick Stream is “a quiet leader.” “I didn’t see him as a politician,” she told me. We were talking about Rick Stream, the candidate for St. Louis County Executive. [caption id=“attachment_15477” align=“alignright” width=“300”] Representative Rick Stream (R-Kirkwood) chairs the House Appropriations Committee. Read more →

Tony Pousosa for County Executive

Don’t you just love brash upstarts? People with verve and moxie? I do. I like pesky guys full of gumption, like Vladimir Sobotka. I like energetic young political activists like Kenny Newhouse. And I like bold conservative organizers like Eileen Tyrrell. In fact, nothing pleases me more than seeing young, libertarian-ish Republicans making the establishment squirm. Sometimes the squirming establishment is as small as a GOP township or a school district. Read more →