St. Louis County Assessor

BREAKING: Zimmerman’s Sob Story Phony as a Football Bat

PO’ed Patriot has the story. Jake Zimmerman’s campaign rotates two themes: The St. Louis County Assessor should be a career political hack, not a seasoned real estate professional His little old friend, Margaret, is in danger of losing her home. But mostly St. Louis County government needs more Democrat political hacks. Turns out that, just like Jake’s dad, his friend Margaret, a rather unsuccessful real estate investor, got a break on her property taxes.
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A Tale of Two Taxes

On Monday, we learned that US Senator Claire McCaskill failed to pay property taxes on her personal luxury jet for three years. Previously, she had charged taxpayers some of the cost of operating her private plane. Before that, it seems, she registered the plane in property tax-free Delaware. On Monday, Claire wrote a $287,000 check without batting an eye. Now, St. Louis County says she owes them another $33,000 in interest and penalties, for a total bill of $320,000.
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L.K. Wood Makes His Case

You can help get these TV ads on the air. I will tell you how shortly. Don’t in live in St. Louis County? You still have a horse in this race. I’ll tell you why after you watch this commercial. [youtube;=en&hd;=1] Vote L. K. Wood, as everyone should, on April 5 Why should you care about this race if you don’t live in St. Louis County? Because Chip’s opponent is a Harvard lawyer who’s being groomed for much bigger things.
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Crooked as a Dog’s Hind Leg

That’s St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley. It’s bad enough that corruption, nepotism, and Machiavellian favoritism runs rampant in St. Louis County. What’s worse is that Dooley doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks. St. Louis County in the third year of a hiring and pay freeze, Mike Temporiti landed a $70,000 county job. … The job was never posted, and Temporiti did not have to interview for it.
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L. K. “Chip” Wood for County Assessor

Did you know that there’s an election on April 5? And it’s just as important an election as last November’s historic election. This time, you and I have the job to elect Chip Wood for County Assessor.* Here’s why. In 2010, voters created an elected assessor’s office in St. Louis County. The Republicans pushed for this new office because of corruption, abuse, and waste in the County Assessor’s office under Charlie Dooley.
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