St. Lawrence of Rome

St Lawrence of Rome

St. Lawrence of Rome is the patron saint of comedians. I had no idea there was one. But there is, and it’s St. Lawrence. He earned that designation for his obstinate and comedic refusal to deny Christ, even to his death. From The Catholic Company: He was appointed by Pope St. Sixtus II as archdeacon over the seven deacons of Rome, and held the sacred duty of tending to the Church’s wealth and distributing alms to the poor.
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What Should We Do Next?

God laughs at man’s plans. That’s because God has already given us the only plan we need. A plan to get through this life worthy of the next. And that is enough. Lawrence of Rome Followed the Plan Today is the feast day of Saint Lawrence of Rome. Lawrence is the patron saint of, among others, comedians. Lawrence was the leader of a group seven deacons whose mission was to distribute alms to the poor.
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