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St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners Proves Government Can’t Get Anything Right

Related articles Conservatives love cracking on government and its unintended consequences. How often does a government initiative give us backassward results? Exhibit A: Obama hands Solyndra millions in tax dollars to promote green energy. Solyndra (and numerous other green energy grant recipients) goes bankrupt. Another example is the St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners. Read more →

3 Differences Between Bain and Solyndra

As Obama and his myrmidons continue to make asses of themselves by arguing that no one should ever put their own capital at risk, it seems timely to point out that Solyndra, and the White House’s many gambles on hypothetical energy companies, is not a fair comparison to Mitt Romney’s work at Bain & Co.  It’s legal for individuals and companies to use their own money to buy failing companies and try to save them. Read more →