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How To Get More Twitter Followers

Unless you just want to vent, the reason you post things on Twitter is to influence people. But you can’t influence people who don’t see your tweets. **The more people who see your tweets, the more influential you are. **So you should increase your Twitter followers. How can you increase your followers? Research at Georgia Tech gives you the answer. Twitter Things To Do Be Positive. Positive tweets are more likely to be retweeted and people who use positive words have more followers. Read more →

Top 5 Moves for Herman Cain Supporters Right Now

Herman Cain is riding a wave of popularity because of his upset win in the Florida straw poll on Saturday. He’s helped by Rick Perry’s free-fall and Mitt Romney’s establishmentarianism. But Cain is a huge underdog. That’s okay because **America loves an underdog. ** Here’s what must happen right now for Herman Cain to win: 1. Social Media avalanche. Get @THEHermanCain trending on Twitter, and keep it there for five consecutive days. Read more →