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Domine, non sum dignus

Who will feed the hungry, clothe the naked, tend the sick, visit the imprisoned … ?

The candidates blew the emotional turning point in Monday’s CNN/Tea Party debate. Blew it. Big. Before we go into that, hear me out on the pressure on those candidates. Lights, Camera, Panic Imagine being on a stage. Searing white brightness reduces your range of vision to a few degrees of arc. You hear hundreds of people making the sounds that audiences make, but you can’t really see them. Before you are journalists bent on catching in a gaffe, or unprepared, or vulnerable. Read more →

Thursday Night Throwdown

ST. LOUIS TEA PARTY HOSTS A PARTY Register Here AT SKY MUSIC LOUNGE IN BALLWIN **Folks, we decided that we can’t be all serious all the time! We need to have some fun, too! Sky Music Lounge in Ballwin is a fabulous place to share some adult beverages and have a good time. ** Register Now Come join Dana Loesch of 97.1 FM, Jim Hoft, our very ownGatewayPundit, Bill Hennessy of the St. Read more →