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It’s a Beautiful Spring Day, And Dellena Struggles to Stay In Business

We metDellena Jones during our first Ferguson BUYcott in August. Since then, St. Louis Tea Partier, Dottie Bailey, has made it her mission to help Dellena’s business survive and flourish. https://youtu.be/r-ye3nSe2Vk Dellena’s business has fallen 60 percent since the first riots. She’s repaired the damage to her salon, but business is slow. Despite all her challenges, Dellena still found the time and energy to host Center for Self-Governance training in her shop on a Saturday, foregoing that day’s revenue to learn about freedom and responsibility. Read more →

Obama Shuts Down Another Small Business

200,000 That’s the number of** small businesses lost during the Obama Administration**. If re-elected, Obama promises to accelerate the policies that destroyed American jobs, investments, and companies. https://youtu.be/NlFHrLeeJIU Voting isn’t enough. We need your help at 9966 Lin Ferry Drive, St. Louis, MO 63123. Pick you day to work the phones and get out the vote: * Friday, November 2 Noon to 8 p.m. * Saturday, November 3 Noon to 5 p. Read more →

You Have No Idea How Much Your Boss Pays in Payroll Taxes

Related articles America is suffocating under an amazing tax burden, but most Americans STILL underestimate how much their tax bill really is. That’s because Washington has done a fantastic job of forcing employers to hide most of the taxes you pay. If people had to see and deal with their total liability, the Democratic Party would be swept into the dust bin of history. Read more →