Why I Am Skipping Independence Day This Year

July 4th became my favorite holiday in 1981, replacing Christmas. Maybe it was a sign of my maturity. It was also a sign of the times. After a ten-year hiatus, patriotism was chic again, thanks to Ronald Reagan. Here’s a few other things that made me fall in love with Independence Day: * Fireworks—who doesn’t love blowing stuff up? * Parties * VP Fair (tragically renamed to Fair St.
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Chains of a Different Master

Perhaps the most famous of all of Karl Marx’s writings was the clause “you have nothing to lose but your chains.” Many people still believe that human beings are chained to corporate masters. Writers like Seth Godin talk about an awakening in which workers refuse to remain cogs in someone else’s machine. These well-meaning people (some are well-meaning, anyway) have no problem, though with giving more power to a handful of slave-masters in Washington.
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