ACTION: Jefferson City February 26 *UPDATE*

Your country needs you today—Saturday, February 26—in Jefferson City, MO. Radical unions threatening a Wisconsin-style hatefest at the State Capitol. But some great Americans like Phil Todd and Elizabeth and Paul Couture have secured a permit for Tea Party on the Capitol Steps beginning at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 26 Please pass the word. If you can’t be there at 10:30, come later. We’ll need people there ALL DAY.
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How We've Made a Difference

When you give over most of your private time to a cause, you need some feedback. We got some from former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan on Friday: The Summer of the Angry Mob [caption id=“” align=“aligncenter” width=“521” caption=“Dana’s Famous ‘Meet the Mob’ Blog”][/caption] Ms. Noonan reflected on the Townhall Revolt which began in St. Louis one year ago. Writes Noonan: When Rep. Russ Carnahan held a town hall meeting at a community college in Missouri on July 20, he tried patiently to explain that ObamaCare not only would be deficit-neutral, it would save money.
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4 Ways to Stop Democrat Sen. Bob Casey From Stealing Your Tax Money to Reimburse SEIU for Bribing Media Matters and Huffington Post

Dana Loesch and 24th State have revealed the ring of corruption that extends from St. Louis bloggers and local St. Louis leftist rag, through SEIU, to Media Matters and Huffington Post. An additional crook in this den of thieves is Democrat Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania. Casey has introduced yet another bailout package. This time, the bailout is intended to repay corrupt unions like SEIU and AFL-CIO for bankrupting their members’ retirements by bribing the media and politicians.
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Is Obama Using SEIU to Terrorize Citizens?

Interesting. Mounting evidence suggests the White House may have been complicit in SEIU’s terrorism (as defined by U.S. Patriot Act) of a banker’s teenage son. Quit the SEIU. No decent person would belong to an organization that openly, and with the federal government’s approval, uses terrorism to get its way. Quit the DC Metro Police Force. The President is using you to promote domestic terrorism. Fight him—the real enemy.
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