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Killing Scalia: The Clinton Crime Family

Do you think the Clinton Crime Family whacked Antonin Scalia? You will soon if you let yourself read this and all the links. But first, a strange call I had last week. Something Unrelated At the end of our talk, the reporter said, “do you mind if I ask you about something else? It has nothing to do with my article, and I won’t write about it.” “Uh, sure,” I said. Read more →

How to Act Like You Learned Something About Trump

People in the media and the GOP are acting like they learned something on Friday. That’s when the Washington Post released an audio (later conjoined with video) of Donald Trump talking lewd about his exploits with women. I say media people and Republicans are ”acting” like they learned something, because they didn’t. We didn’t. Everybody who’s paid attention to the race (or pop culture) already knew how Trump is. Everybody knows Trump brags about his sexual prowess and how women melt around him. Read more →

Suddenly 2012 becomes more relevant than 2016

[Stream of consciousness. Please forgive errors and craziness.] The human brain is very bad at looking to the future. It’s almost impossible to imagine a living person not being here. We naturally assume the future will be a linear progression of the recent past. Then one of five conservative Supreme Court justices dies. And everything’s thrown into chaos. We have only eleven months until a new president takes the oath of office. Read more →