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President Trump Popped the NFL’s Biggest Zit

Coming to a head. President Trump seems pathologically opposed to festering problems. When he sees a festering problem, he pops it like a zit. For example, the North Korean nukes problem has festered since the Clinton administration. Trump is bringing Little Rocket Man to a head. NAFTA has been festering since the Clinton administration. Trump is bringing NAFTA to a head. The latest example: the NFL anthem-haters. This anthem-hating is over a year old. Read more →

Trump’s Immigration Fans Need to Read Wong Kim Ark

It’s sad that Donald Trump has inspired so many good conservatives to promote fantasies about the 14th Amendment. The Supreme Court addressed the issue of birthright citizenship directly, and Mark Levin and Laura Ingram know it. They are Constitutional lawyers. Both Levin and Ingraham are familiar with United States v. Wong Kim Ark (1898) which established, thoroughly, that citizenship by birth has been the law of the land since before the Declaration of Independence and was codified by the 14th Amendment. Read more →

Bureaucratizing Street Gangs

Did you ever wonder why do-gooders and social planners never pay for their crimes? Yesterday, I wrote about Jesse Jackson dressing down at the hands of activists in a McDonald’s parking lot in Ferguson. I pointed out that Martin Luther King and Dick Gregory were similarly dismissed by rioters in the 1960s. Some things never change. One thing that has changed is the economic gap between whites and blacks. That’s gotten worse despite trillions in federal poverty programs that went mostly to “community organizing. Read more →

You Have No Idea How Much Your Boss Pays in Payroll Taxes

Related articles America is suffocating under an amazing tax burden, but most Americans STILL underestimate how much their tax bill really is. That’s because Washington has done a fantastic job of forcing employers to hide most of the taxes you pay. If people had to see and deal with their total liability, the Democratic Party would be swept into the dust bin of history. Read more →

The White House Will Ban Rush From Armed Forces Radio

When I was on the USS John C. Calhoun, the XO and I were big Rush fans. We stockpiled Snapple in the outboards of the Ship’s Office just to have a little taste of EIB during our three-month patrols. That was 1992. Back when this country’s government still held onto some strand of connection to its founding. That’s all gone, now. The United States is a shell of its former self. Read more →

Comes Now Gloria Allred and Makes an Ass of Herself

The feminist attorney famous for making herself famous just couldn’t let the Sandra Fluke case go. Gloria Allred sent a letter to a Florida District Attorney asking him to arrest Rush Limbaugh for violation of an ancient Florida law. The statute stipulates that anyone who “speaks of and concerning any woman, married or unmarried, falsely and maliciously imputing to her a want of chastity” is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree. Read more →

What Rush Limbaugh Could Teach Rush Limbaugh UPATE

What made Rush Limbaugh so amazing for 24 years was his steadfast resolve. Face it, you have to believe what you believe title your books The Way Things Ought To Be and See, I Told You So. His fans loved him because he never backed down. Rush didn’t back down when the left went nuts over his “Obama, The Magic Negro” parody. He didn’t back down from his “hope Obama fails” statement. Read more →

How Rush Limbaugh Revived Chivalry

A Georgetown law student turned the Democrat Party from an androgynous blob into a modern day Ivanhoe. (Yes, I’ll tread carefully around that “Ivanhoe” to spare Democrat sensibilities.) Sandra Fluke, the student, begged Congress to confiscate property from me and millions of other taxpayers in order to satisfy her sexual appetite. Rush Limbaugh pointed out that law school lasts three years, condoms cost about a buck each, and Ms. Fluke needed 3,000 of them just to make it to the bar exam. Read more →

Time for Michael Steele to Resign

When Republican Congressmen and -women are more conservative than the party chair, it’s time for a new party chair. Micheal Steele took his seat and immediately alienated conservatives, the backbone of the Republican party. By attacking Rush Limbaugh, Steele attacked one of the few people in the US with the courage to speak the truth. For five years, Democrats have prayed – PRAYED – that Al Qaeda in Iraq would defeat the US Military. Read more →