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Breaking: Droopy Matt Doell Gets Dirty

[caption id=“attachment_36429” align=“alignleft” width=“210”] Droopy (or Disgusting?) Matt Doell[/caption] Voters in House District 110 are asking why they received such a “disgusting” flyer from candidate Matt Doell. Answer: Probably because he’s losing badly. Matt Doell has decided to get dirty. And personal. And mean. (Horrible internals?) While Dottie Bailey has knocked doors, attended coffees, and generally met with voters, Matt Doell rubbed elbows with hot-shots and union bosses and avoided anything that looks like an “ordinary person. Read more →

Bad Judgment on Rockwood School Board (or something worse?)

Everyone remembers the horrible audit of the Rockwood School District. * $1.2 million wasted in double payments * Contracts awarded to a construction company that had one of its executives on the board * Feeble, "arrogant" response to the audit from board members * Bad management! But the worst example of cronyism and arrogance went largely unreported. (The great Elliott Davis caught it, though. Video to follow.) Read more →

State House Candidate Likes Local Control after Embarrassing State Audit

One of the candidates for Missouri House District 110 (Eureka, Wildwood, and Pacific) sent out a mailer to voters today. The mailer talks about “local control” of education, and many other fine platitudes that poll well. In other news,** while this candidate was on the Rockwood School District board of directors** (the district that serves most of Eureka, Wildwood, and Pacific), bad things happened. Like this: The Rockwood School District overpaid its longtime construction management company by more than $1. Read more →

Quick Math Facts on Rockwood School District Tax History. UPDATE: RDS Servers Bouncing?

One of the candidates running for the state House of Representatives in District 110 has been on the Rockwood School Board since 2011. In a campaign mailer, this candidate claims he’s cut taxes in the district. Is that true? Well, it’s true that the property tax rate in Rockwood has been reduced twice during his tenure. But that’s not even close to the whole picture. Since the 2010-2011 school year, when this candidate joined the board, Rockwood has raised taxes 5 times. Read more →

Rockwood School Board Quid Pro Quo?

From the “see, I told ya so” file … Rockwood NEA President Suzanne Dotta worked hard to influence the recent school board election. The candidates Ms. Dotta pushed won. The new board hired Ms. Dotta as Director of Professional Learning within 72 hours of the election. I expect Ms. Dotta to teach Rockwood’s professionals how to game the system for personal gain at taxpayer expense. If you’d like to question this apparent quid pro quo, the next Rockwood Board meeting is April 24. Read more →

1.2 Million Reasons to Vote for Eileen Tyrrell on April 8

Do you live in Rockwood School District? I do. My kids all went to Rockwood schools. My wife taught in a Rockwood school for three years. The teachers in Rockwood tend to think a lot like the people who live here. They’re not a bunch of wacked-out lefties. Not most of them. Still, that good education has come with HUGE price tag. Rockwood is one of the most expensive districts in Missouri. Read more →

Tuesday Is Election Day. Here’s What You Need to Know

Before I get to Election Day … Join Bill Hennessy at The Creek in Washington, MO First, a plug. Wednesday, April 3, 2013, at 5:30 p.m. I will be in Washington, Missouri, and you’re invited. I have the high honor and distinct privilege of speaking to the great women of Washington Federated Republican Women. at 5:30 p.m. I’ll be talking about Heritage Foundation, Heritage Action for America, and Blaine Luetkemeyer’s Brain. Read more →

Rockwood School District Wants More Money But State Audit Found It Mismanages The Money It Has

Were Rockwood School District to shut down, the entire bond-issue-campaign-financing industry would slump into depression. [caption id=“attachment_12113” align=“alignright” width=“284”] Rockwood School District wants another $38 million bond issue on the heals of scathing audit of its financial management practices.I’ve lived in this district since 1996, and I honestly don’t remember an April in which the board wasn’t asking for more money to carpet the football fields or remodel 12-year-old theatres or build an observatory or whatever. Read more →