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Why does Ted Cruz’s Speech Bother Me So Much?

I’m trying to put my finger on exactly why I found Ted Cruz’s remarks Wednesday night so incredibly distasteful. The Pledge thing is a goodly part of it. Simply put, the parties to the Pledge Ted Cruz signed were only Ted Cruz and the RNC (by extension, you can probably include the delegates and voters, too). The Pledge promised support, including data, from the RNC in exchange for Ted Cruz’s endorsement of the eventual nominee. Read more →

Peace-Loving Libs Attempt to Kill Republicans in Minnesota UPDATE

Not an exaggeration. Gateway Pundit was an intended target as leftist protestors hurled sacks of rocks and cement on speeding busses of GOP delegates, media, and participants. The leftards stood on overpasses above an interstate highway and dropped the sacks on passing busses. A few years back in St. Louis, a woman–recent emigrant from Russia–was killed by a rock dropped from an overpass over I-64 as she returned home from work late one evening. Read more →