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Trump’s Next Move: Infrastructure

I’ve changed my mind on priority. Instead of going to tax reform next, President Trump should work on that big-league infrastructure bill. Now. Fast. President Trump needs a big win because power is in perception. He also needs to put Democrats in a bind. Plus, he needs to prove he can pass big legislation without all GOP factions on board. The solution is infrastructure. During the campaign, Trump spoke of a massive building project to rejuvenate our roads, modernize our airports, and more. Read more →

What No One’s Telling You About Donald Trump

Relax as you read, because knowledge is power. This simple post will arm you with powerful knowledge that will help you navigate the election. And it will only take a few minutes. No time at all. Here’s what the press refuses to tell you: The man in the picture is the next President of the United States. You might as well start calling him “President Trump.” Three national polls came out this week. Read more →

I bet Donald Trump reads my blog

Donald Trump probably reads my blog first thing every day. Until today, I figured Donald Trump never heard of me. He’s never mentioned me in his tweet storms. He’s never called me an idiot or a liar during a debate. He’s never pointed to one of my many egregious typos and tweeted: ”@whennessy left out the word ‘for’. Confused everyone. Worst blogger in politics. Just sad.” (The guy has 2. Read more →