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Reagan Gives Trump’s Budget TWO THUMBS UP!

President Donald Trump delivered his budget and a message for Congress. Since I’m lazy, I’ll quote Time magazine. First, the President’s message to Congress: “I urge the members of Congress to remember that last November the American people’s message was loud and clear. The mandate for change, expressed by the American people, was not my mandate; it was our mandate.” Then, the analysis: The President’s meaning was unmistakable: the public wants deep cuts in both spending and taxes, and any legislator who tries to keep the ax from falling risks putting his own neck under an ax at the polls. Read more →

The Joy of Trump

What bothers you most when you’re in a bad mood? You can imagine what it’s like be in a bad mood, can’t you? People go through periods of deep funk when nothing seems bright or cheerful, don’t they? And when you’re in those moods, what’s the worst thing? That’s right, it’s being around a bunch of happy people having fun. And that’s exactly how the left feels when they see Trump at a press conference: miserable amid the fun. Read more →

How the Second-Born Twin Can Be Older Than the First

Have you ever noticed that twins have a pecking order? Even identical twins born minutes apart show a subtle seniority complex. Usually the first-born twin leads the second-born. Makes you wonder how these Peterson twins will relate to each other, doesn’t it? Because of the time change at the end of daylight saving time, the second-born twin is officially older than the first. That’ll be interesting to watch. And if you find yourself pondering the oddness of those twins’ birth order, you can easily find yourself pondering America’s little sister relationship to the UK. Read more →

Who Gets the Credit Matters Most

Some people on the right say they won’t vote for Trump. Those people list various reasons, mostly about his demeanor and things he’s said in the past. They think who gets the credit is more important than what gets done. We all know people like that, don’t we? Most of those NeverTrumpers were okay with Trump’s policies. They all love his Supreme Court list. Most of them liked Ted Cruz’s ideas, and Cruz’s weren’t far from Trump’s. Read more →

How Reagan Almost Blew It in 1980

If you enjoy this post, you have to thank your fellow reader, Tony, for reading the whole TIME article from yesterday’s post. He pointed out more similarities between 1980 and 2016. Especially Reagan’s gaffes and Democrats’ complacency. First, the gaffes. You hear about Trump stepping on his own applause lines. He announced Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway the day after the best speech of his life (until then). He wondered aloud (via Twitter) what Mr. Read more →

2016 looks like a repeat of 1980

You probably remember that in September 1980 voters couldn’t wait to cast a vote for Reagan. If you remember it like that, you remember wrong. At least a little wrong. TIME magazine examined voter sentiment in its September 15, 1980, issue. Voters that year sounded a lot like voters this year. Here’s how TIME’s Ed Magnuson summarized the voters of 1980: Disenchanted, but not apathetic. Caring about issues, although much more concerned about character. Read more →

We Were Once the Party of Ideas and Optimism

On my desk is a book titled “Grinning With the Gipper.” It’s 117 pages of Ronald Reagan’s humor.Think of that. A US president who could fill a book with jokes. My cursory review shows that about 60 percent of the jokes are on Reagan himself. And another 20 percent are on Republicans. Ronald Reagan knew that life is too short and too precious to waste it on anger and pride. Better to spend your days getting laughs. Read more →