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St. Louis Police Department Is Crumbling, But You Can Vote to Save It

Related articles You get the feeling that Rex Sinquefield holds a grudge against his home state, and he’s using some of his fortune to punish us. Rex gave a quarter million dollars to Obama’s Lawyer, Chris Koster. But that wasn’t his first assault on us. Rex’s war against the St. Louis Police Department is older and far more bitter. Read more →

St. Louis County Votes

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 6, is Election Day in St. Louis County. In some places, especially throughout South County, the only measure on the ballot is Proposition A: a sales tax increase. Prop A’s backers—principally County Exec Charlie Dooley and Chesterfield Mayor John Nations—claim this tax increase of up to $650 per family will allow Metro to grow. You know otherwise. * Dooley and Nations cannot point to a specific plan. They point to four. Read more →