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Zen to Done: Learning the Dream

Feeling confident, relaxed, and complete is a dream. Many people believe it’s an impossible dream. I’m learning otherwise. I’m into my third month of acquiring positive habits with Leo Babauta’sZen to Done method. At the same time, I’m working the 30 day challenge. What I’ve learned so far is that I hold onto too much. * I carried around anger and frustration over missed goals and failed or abandoned projects * I vilified good people (in my mind) because I wanted to get my way all the time about everything * I sabotaged myself by trying to do everything anyone asked of me * I was afraid to look weak, and that fear weakened me The faultering economy, no doubt, led me toZen Habits, which led me to Zen to Done, which led me to “The Power of Less,” which led me to theSedona Method, which led me here. Read more →