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BREAKING: Watch The Kudlow Report at 6 Central Tonight MARCH 14

I’m honored to return to The Kudlow Report tonight (Wednesday, March 14) at 6:00 pm Central (7 ET) with Larry Kudlow. I hope to talk about the GOP Presidential primaries, RomneyCare, and the Tea Party movement. Please watch if you can. Good ratings for Tea Party guests will only increase the number of Tea Party guests. Read more →

Mitt Romney’s Resume Cover Letter

There are some things you just don’t say in a cover letter—or on the campaign trail. A self-aggrandizing cover letter from an NYU undergrad to some Wall Street banks has the whole financial world laughing. The kid’s naïve hubris and ignorance of what employers look for in a candidate earned him public humiliation on an internet scale. Here’s just a sample of the kid’s self-promotion: That semester I achieved a 3. Read more →

It Must Suck to be an Incumbent

Whether you’re the party darling or the federal office holder, 2010 is shaping up to be your last year in politics. In Kentucky, Tea Party Republican, Rand Paul, opened a can of whoop-ass on Republican party favorite, Trey Grayson. No single race proves the strength or impact of the Tea Party, but races like Paul’s demonstrate that the right candidate with the right campaign team with the strong backing of the Tea Party and 9-12 Project can blow away the party candidate. Read more →