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Did Pope Francis and Vatican Sec State Admit Viganò’s Testimony?

One week after Archbishop Carlo Viganò released his bombshell letter, it looks obvious that Pope Francis admits the key allegation: Francis knew McCarrick to be a serial molester, and he returned McCarrick to public ministry anyway. As we’ll see later in this post, Pope Francis has a pattern of letting molesters and their protectors off the hook. Speaks for Itself Did the pope admit to the horrendous allegations directly? Not directly. Read more →

Jim Towey Is Confused

God bless Jim Towey and the work of his school, Ave Maria University. I am confident that he is confused, and we should pray for clarity. I’m talking about his recent series of letters and clarifications regarding how Catholics should express their obedience to the pope. Jim is partially right and partially off base. What Jim Towey Gets Right Jim is right that that conservative Catholics need to be very gracious and obedient when they challenge the pope’s formal teaching on matters like the death penalty. Read more →

The Fisherman’s Other Shoe Just Dropped

God, come to our assistance O, Lord, make haste to help us Pope Francis ignored evidence of crimes and overturned punishment imposed by Pope Benedict on the wicked and disgraced Cardinal McCarrick. That’s according to a former papal nuncio and corroborated by a former first counselor to the nunciature to the United States speaking on the record. The two men have direct knowledge of the matter. Pope Francis refused to comment on the allegations that he personally covered up McCarrick’s crimes. Read more →

How I Deal With the Pope’s Teaching on the Death Penalty

Last week, Pope Francis approved a change to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Longtime readers might recall that my views on the death penalty are a bit nuanced. But I didn’t always have the courage to express it. In 2014, I wrote: I don’t buy the idea that the death penalty is no deterrent. I don’t buy the notion that the death penalty should be banned. I think the availability of such a punishment serves its purpose. Read more →

How the Pope helped Trump

Pope Francis said today that Donald Trump is not a Christian. I can only assume the Pope has secretly cut a deal with The Donald. “Pope. Donald here. I need you to give me some crap about the wall.” “Si.” “Just, uh, call me a Muslim or something. Make it look sincere, ya know?” “Si.” So the Pope stands at the U.S.-Mexico border and says anyone who wants to build a wall “is not a Christian. Read more →

One Sentence Explains Everything About Pope Francis

An enduring criticism of the Church over a millennium involves its wealth and opulence. Its cathedrals were often the most expensive and ornate structures in entire nations, save for monarch’s palaces. Lavish ceremonies mark significant milestones, such as the installation of a new pope. So Pope Francis’s instruction to the bishops and faithful of his homeland Argentina says everything about why this pope will be different from all other popes. Read more →