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You Can’t Trump Forgiveness

You might think big embarrassing mistakes will get you fired, but they don’t. As long as you keep making different kinds of mistakes and your managers know what they’re doing (big “if”), you’ll be fine. Just don’t make the same kind of mistake over and over again. And it helps to work for a guy like Tom Watson or Donald Trump. While the dollar amount has changed over time, the other details are pretty consistent. Read more →

Finally Media Focus On America’s Real Problem

After years wasted as the press and politicians covered secondary matters, the major media have finally stepped up to address America’s deepest, most damaging problem. I’m talking about alleged plagiarism. And it’s about damn time. While serious problems fester, the media and politicians waste precious time and energy covering the massacres of police officers by black militants and the slaughter of Bastille Day revelers by Islamic terrorists. Is it any wonder that 70 percent of Americans consider the country on the wrong track? Read more →

Gunfight At the Not-OK Corral

Clinton Inc. will do whatever (it thinks) it takes to secure the Democrat nomination for president. The news of the past two days has been Obama’s plagiarism. As if Obama is can’t produce his own pandering drivel. From WaPo: Yesterday, key Clinton supporters accused Obama of “lifting” a passage of the rousing speech he delivered to a party gathering in Milwaukee on Saturday night from Massachusetts Gov. Deval L. Patrick, a longtime friend and supporter. Read more →