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Eric Greitens in His Own Words

My blog includes links to related posts at the bottom of every individual post page. I usually don’t pay much attention, but today I noticed something. (BTW, this new theme looks great on phones.) One of the old stories in the Eric Greitens category was my first comments on his book Resilience. My old post talked about why it took me so long to finish the book. And it contained two short passages from the book. Read more →

How to Recruit Better Political Candidates

Let’s accept that people are lazy. I noticed no one rose to argue, so universal laziness is a given. When political consultants and parties recruit candidates, they do the lazy thing. They look for candidates who are easily electable. They want people who look good, speak well, shake hands like they’re still alive, and never made the papers for slapping their spouse. Actually, they want people who are squeaky clean. Boring. Read more →